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Both Students and Instructors can appreciate the incredible depth and variety of training possible through the features of the Southern Exposure Training Facility.


Outdoor Range

Significant freedom of movement for both shooters and targets. Especially, when compared to an indoor range.

Large, sheltered setup area and restroom facilities close to the staging and shooting activities. 

Great Florida weather allows training all year round!


Multiple Staging Areas

Allows groups of people to shoot different scenarios simultaneously--safely.

Greatly reduces downtime for the rest of the class during complex small team simulations.


Seemingly Infinite Tactical Variations

Varied distances, targets, and shooting postures can be safely accommodated.

Night shooting is as dark as the moonlight allows.

Vehicle scenarios can be staged, providing additional realism.

Wooded, fenced area available for tactical simulations and scenarios.

Variety of steel and paper targets available, both stationary and moving.

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